The Protein Tied to Memory Loss and Other Fascinating News on the Web


  1. Remember This Protein

    RbAp48. It’s not an easy name to remember. But it is a single protein that could help explain why you don’t remember where you left your keys. Researchers have tied a shortage of RbAp48 to the kind of memory loss associated with getting older. In recent studies, reducing the protein made mice more forgetful. According to one researcher: “What was remarkable is that if you just manipulate this one molecule in this particular area of the brain, you now have a young mouse that looks very much like an old mouse.” And amazingly, boosting the protein in older mice brought back memory skills.

  2. Flying Solo?

    While Great Britain has backed out of possible coalition to strike Syria and the U.N. is deadlocked, the U.S. still seems to be moving forward and plans to release information regarding Syria’s use of chemical weapons. Here’s the latest from CNN.

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